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    Guru Experience, your brand new expert on things to do, adventure, attractions, sports and leisure in the island of Tenerife. We provide real time availability, pricing and online booking for over 35 different activities on the island. Normally, booking is free, simple, fast and you won’t have to pay (credit card details are only kept as a guarantee) until you arrive at your activity, there will be no cancellation fee  if you warn 48 hours before your schedule.* Please leave a comment on any of the activity pages if you have any details activity questions and we’ll try to answer within 24 hours. We can give you free personal service if you are group, tourism agency or wish to organize corporate events for tea m or client relationship building. We deliver the best guide of activities that cover all age groups, gender and adrenaline appetite.  From paragliding or scuba diving with turtles to hiking and horse riding. Wether being a beginner or a professional in any discipline, we will find the best fit for you in order to obtain your perfect experience. Tenerife has excellent weather conditions all year around, especially for practicing sports, average temperature rarely leave the 25 degrees Celsius line. Check out now the activities available for the following week! *NOTE , please read specific terms of each activity since some of them might vary. View availability
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Free Booking

We don´t charge you for your booking, we only keep your credit card details as a guarantee, unless the establishment requests advanced payment.

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Check availability online, and cloose your booking in minutes.  After closing the reservation you will receive a voucher with your unique booking code.

No Cancellation Fee

If you cancel 48 hours in advance of your scheduled activity time, you will not pay any cancellation fee.