Looking for a luxury way to see whales and dolphins? Join us in Mustcat Catamarans where you can choose between our different tours. Muscat catamaran is one of the most popular excursions in Tenerife. You will board a luxury catamaran where you can sail into the Atlantic Ocean. You can enter the world of cetaceans in Tenerife, another world, where you can enjoy the beauty of these mammals. The Must Cat is no small boat by any means, but compared with some of the other Tenerife whale and dolphin excursions it still gives you that feeling of exclusivity rather than the sardine sensation of having hundreds on board. In fact, this Tenerife luxury catamaran excursion can actually hold 70 people but more often than not will sail with half this amount allowing plenty of space to enjoy the free bar, stretch out and sunbathe, and most importantly make sure that when the famous Tenerife whales and dolphins do appear alongside, everybody can see them without the craning of necks and clamouring for camera angles. Transport to and from your hotel is included in the south of the island. Children of all ages are welcome in both the 3 hour and 4.5 hours travel.

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