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Real Immersion in the Submarine Safaris

Ready to discover the best secrets of our ocean and live a unique experience aboard an incredible submarine?

Enjoy an unforgettable experience under the sea. We offer dives up to 30 meters deep to the unexplored bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. A great adventure for the whole family. Climb aboard our Sub Fun submarines, nowadays they are one of the most sophisticated and technological tourism submarines in the world. The dive lasts about an hour including boarding and disembarking the submarine. Each dive will be accompanied by a guide who will explain what we see during the excursion. Do not forget to bring your camera to have a memory of this wonderful experience. On board the submarine they will comfortably sit in front of a large porthole (80 cm), ensuring a full view of the underwater world. Under each window you will find a tv monitor with live images from different angles of the submarine's outer zone and a digital panel with information about it.

Information needed for the client

After the dive each of our clients will receive a Certificate of immersion with his name that will prove that he is one of the lucky ones that has been under the Atlantic Ocean without even getting his hair wet.


Adults 53,00€

Children 32,00€



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San Miguel Marina - Costa San Miguel de Abona

• Immersion in submarine