How to get around


Taxis are only recommended for short journeys under 10 minutes. Traveling around the island from north to south and vice versa can be considerably expensive. Let us organize your transport over long distances, that way your expenses will be more predictable. By way of example, a taxi from Tenerife South to Tenerife North can cost more than € 80 in one direction.

Bus - Guagua

Al Bus is known as Guagua by locals and is operated by TITSA. You can download the full brochure with schedules here.

The main routes around the island are:
Puerto de la Cruz - Los Cristianos (Line 343)
Bus that crosses the island from north to south and joins the two airports:
Santa Cruz - Puerto de la Cruz (Line 102)
Bus from the capital to Puerto de la Cruz with stop at Tenerife North Airport.
Santa Cruz - Cost Adeje (Line 110 and 111 urgent) /> This route links the capital, Santa Cruz, with the south of the island; Airport, Los Cristianos and Las Américas.

Tenerife South Airport - Reina Sofia (TFS)

Tenerife South Airport is located between the surfers town of El Médano and the fishing village of Los Abrigos on the TF-1 motorway, exit 23 (Tenerife South Airport). We suggest that we take care of your relocation in order to save yourself problems.


Renting a car is a good option if you want to explore the island in freedom. Gasoline is relatively cheap (0.79 to 1.03 € / liter). Parking is relatively easy to find if you avoid hot spots and rush hour. Let us help you organize a Rent a Car and we will deliver it to you at the airport or in your accommodation. We discourage motorbike rental if you are a beginner, as the roads have quite a lot of traffic and the distances are relatively long.

Let us organize your transportation

We can organize your transportation either individually or collectively. From the airport to your accommodation or activities. We suggest this option as it will save you headaches.


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